Computers and Wireless

Free Wi-Fi

The Provincetown Public Library offers free Wi-Fi throughout the building 24/7 and this can also be accessed outdoors on the Library grounds. Once your laptop has connected to one of the Library’s wireless hotspots, simply launch your browser. The active Provincetown Public Library screen then comes up.

Public Computers

Sessions at a public computer last for 30 minutes with the possibility of two 15 minutes extensions. These extensions are only available when computer use is low.

Using our reservation station, you can make a reservation for a public computer use when one becomes available or for later that same day. During busy times, you’ll always need to make a reservation. At less busy times when there are unused public computers available, you may enter your Library card number or Temporary Library Card by registering right at the desktop of the available computer.

Printing is $.15 a page.

Computer Locations

We have a total of 12 public access computers with printing capacity.

First Floor and Lobby

There are six public computers for adults and visitors in the computer area and two more in the lobby. These are for Internet use, wordprocessing, and printing.

Children’s Area

There are 4 computers for children and youth under 18. Young children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. These computers are for the use of children and youth only.