Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yes, we have new books, not only eBooks but also real-life hard copy books! These are so hot they will be going fast, so put them on hold now.

A Burning by Megha Majumdar. A powerful novel that follows the intertwined fates of three characters in modern India: Jivan, a Muslim woman in prison for a “suspicious” post on Facebook; her physical education teacher, PT Sir, who joins the right wing; and Lovely, a hijra (a middlesex person, transgender or transvestite). Available as hard copy, eBook,, eAudio Book in CLAMS.

The Deviant’s Waby Eric Cervini. Fired from his government job in 1957 for being gay, Frank Kameny fought back, beginning an 18-year battle with the government to change the law. Along the way he co-founded The Mattachine Society of D.C., and organized the first gay protest in front of the White House – in 1965! Available as hard copy book only in CLAMS.

Friends and Strangers by J. Courtney Sullivan. “A big novel with big ideas (The New York Times)” about two women: Elizabeth, suburban mom newly transplanted from Brooklyn, and Sam, Elizabeth’s babysitter, a student and aspiring artist,. Brilliant on class privilege and the minutiae of everyday life. Available as hard copy, eBook in CLAMS.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley. Remember destination weddings? Here a group of well-wishers (all but one, anyway) join the celebrity bride and groom on an island off Ireland, thereby setting the scene for an Agatha Christie-style whodunit. Twisty and nifty and wicked entertaining. Available as hard copy, eBook, eAudio Book in CLAMS.

Mexican Gothic by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia. Gothic novels are as old as Jane Eyre and this one has all the classic elements: a spooky, isolated mansion; a smart, brave heroine (who’s a glamorous socialite); a cold but charismatic host – all in 1950s Mexico. Stir well and prepare to be scared. Available as hard copy, eBook, eAudio Book in CLAMS.

The Order by Daniel Silva. Art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon is summoned to Rome when an old friend dies. His old friend happens to be Pope Paul VII. The Holy Father’s private secretary believes the Pope was murdered — while in the act of writing a letter to Gabriel! Available as hard copy, eBook in CLAMS.