April 13, 2018
Photo by Donna Pilkington

The March for Life
A Poem by Sheila Norris

It was worth it
standing and walking for hours
in the midday sun,
knees aching, feet numb,
It was worth it
breathing in youthful energy
dislodging despair,
dismantling defeat.
It was worth it
reading signs sacred and profane,
scanning faces, young and old,
steely commitment and resolve
visible in unflinching eyes.
It was worth it
voicing aloud with the crowd,
speaking out for life.
“This is what democracy looks like”,
“Vote them out.”
It was worth it
passing the baton to empowered teens,
on intimate terms with raw tragedy
yet certain of the need
for common sense to prevail.
Perhaps on their watch, we shall overcome.

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