April 20, 2018
Photo by Barbara Klipper

Spring Song
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

At last.
It is spring.
We, impatient humans,
Suffered through an awesome winter.
Snow and rain, rain.ice and snow.
Sweet crocus push through bravely,
A lonely daffodil. Birds start their songs.
The wind picks up, sends messages through space
Until suddenly both North and East
Begin to think they did not get their due this year
So they spread tentacles and gather in the winds
To give us the what-for we thought we missed.
The squirrels shiver, the jonquils duck back down.
We are no match for nor’easters en mass.
Frozen pipes, floods of water, discourage even hardy souls.
But oh- at last.
The word is out. It has come true. Both Easter and April Fools
Arrived together. Some doubting folk still hesitate
But now the word is out!
We can sing hallelujah for the truth showed up.
It is reality, The faithful have arrived.
The Osprey have come back.
True harbingers, we can relax and live our spring.

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