April 26, 2019
Photo by Amy Raff

Two Moms
A Poem by Sydney Cropper

Two moms was once unheard of 
the same gender shouldn’t be together for eternity 
I was born into a loving family 
but the world didn’t see 
They saw two people who shouldn’t be 

Schoolmates made jokes that hurt me
Saying I couldn’t be
Bullied for loving my moms 
day by day 
I grew stronger against the hate 

I didn’t let their words hurt me 
I was my own me
I was special and I knew 
I was proud of my family

Everything my moms did was for me 
I was their miracle baby 
I was meant to be here
I am who I am because of them 

Even though the kids at school tried to get to me 
I was happy as can be 
I knew I was loved endlessly 
By the two people who meant the world to me

Throughout their lives they fought to be 
then in June 2015 their lives changed forever
Gay marriage was legalized 
They were able to be 

I am the person I am today because of them 
I was taught never to stop fighting 
I was taught to never give in 
I was taught to smile in dark times
because your happiness is your best weapon

I am a strong woman 
I am independent 
I fight for what’s right
I am who I am because my moms made me


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