December 20, 2019
Photo by Krasimira Banova

Dark December Days
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

On dark December days
The old year seems to want to linger.
It moves slowly, hesitantly
As though loath to go.
The year that held us in its grip still wants to own us,
Even as we beg for new beginnings.
Hesitantly, each morning sends rays of promise.
A brightening sky soon clouds with fears,
Gray overtakes the blue.
But yet the silvery wind rides in on ocean currents,
Pushing the darkness to one side.
Old times are frail, youth hesitant to intrude,
The new year still untried, unknown.
But slowly, reluctantly the days pass by
Until the calendar pages drop
And there we stand
Upon the edge of promise.
What lies ahead we do not know
But as the morning always ends the night,
As spring each year drives winter away,
So the heart believes that love will triumph over fear.
A new year foretells assurance that life
Does more than exist.
It portends a future, full of surprises, miracles.
It tells us we have strength.
We will proceed into the wonders of an unknown life
That is to each of us our private secret.

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