February 28, 2020
Photo by Mark Truman

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

If you are one of the lucky ones who found true love.
And never let it go. If you have found the kind of love that warms a wintry day,
That lifts your heart with just a curving of the lips,
If you can read a message from that smile, hold tight.
When life turns harsh and all seems just too much to bear
Lean back against that smile. Let your heart leap from just the memory.
When politicians let you down, the weather all turns grey,
When the sun hides and sorrow seems to hover,
Remember. Lean back upon the memory,
Feel once again the hand upon your back, look into the eyes
That manifest your truths,
The joy that only you can share
Let it be the foundation for your life, the big surprise of every
Ordinary day. For when you love it will lift you above the sorrow,
Steer you through the muddy spots,
Point out the paths that you alone couldn’t see.
Love is life’s biggest surprise, the mystery we all seek,
The ultimate solution to life’s mystery.

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