January 25, 2019
Photo by Melanie Black

For the Late Poet Mary Oliver
A Poem by Julia L. Perry

Poets help us to see the world we walk through.
We are so busy with our lives that without their eyes we would not see.
They see the beauty, the connection, the subtleties of nature.
They translate experience into words so that we can have the experience.

At least one did.  Her name was Mary Oliver.
I met her once walking on the beach with her dogs.
She was kind, but didn’t know me.  But I knew her.
I admired how she moved through the world and it became words.

I am lost today in my loss, in the world’s loss.
How can we survive this world with one less poet?
When a poet leaves us our only choice is to take up the work
Of seeing the world and making poetry.



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