July 12, 2019
Photo by Dick Salmon

Cloud Words
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

I was lying in bed the way the doctor said I should
One can only sleep ¾ of the time
So as I lay awake I semi-dreamed.
A cloud of words came flying by,
White fluffy clouds bearing the imprint of your words
I knew them to be yours
I reached for them to gather them in, but they increased
In numbers and in speed
And flew in raucous joviality.
As I stretched out my arms, they swarmed and flew,
Leaving a hint of laughter as they seemed to disappear.
Yet more and more they came
Until I was surrounded by words, circling around me.
One by one I welcomed them, worshipped them,
Kissed them and let then go to circle back into the clouds
Where I believe
They will come back again.


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