July 31, 2020
Photo by Linda Ohlson Graham

Edges of a Dream
A Poem by Marylou Mansfield

Chills from night air
invite a second blanket,
drawn and tucked
around the desire to sleep.
A lazy settling into 
bedded impressions,
foster imagery 
to form and filter the body.
As one’s figure nests and nestles
waiting for visions
to win over the night,
tensions restlessly subside.
I love the moments
sitting on the rim of realms and reasons,
toes circling in a bay of dreams,
mind teetering back and forth.
When at last I succumb,
tired from the dance, 
I fold wants and weariness
into corners of the blankets,
keeping them bound.
I may not remember
the night’s excursions,
but they will reside,
assured to return
another time,
in altered fashion.

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