June 26, 2020
Photo by Richard Salmon

Provincetown in June
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

The lengths of Commercial Street – East to West and vice versa – appear in visions
Despite the leafless trees and snow piles outside the window.
Hope will make the mind do incredible things when it needs to.
When the will must sustain, it can leap many months to a desired time.
A warm early morning search for hot coffee, maybe an almond croissant,
Later a walk along the smooth beach listening to the gentle waves lap
And disappear into the sand.
A cool ocean breeze chases the afternoon heat away,
The summer sun lingers late into the evening shadows.
Each beach sunset ends not a day but an encounter.
No less than the full imagination can bring you there
Or return the senses to the reality of late February.
Still, hope awaits the halcyon days of Gemini
When all blossoms, thrive together
To complete another cycle of anxiety.

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