March 1, 2019
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

A Poem by Jack Wesdorp

We like terminal places,
airports, bus and train stations,
hospitals and libraries,
churches and cemeteries,
Race Point beach is excellent,
hard to reach, where next is bent,
any mountain top or cliff,
cop shops, whistle stops, deep rifts,
we’re hermit types, we don’t dance,
we don’t really like your stance.
That’s because we’ve seen it all,
how the great and mighty fall
into depraved indifference.
Your burning makes me shiver.
We’ve read the history books
and we’re comfortable with spooks.
Endtimes are our expertise,
we bridge between dynasties.
The universe is our home,
our boon is to be alone.
We prefer truth to fiction,
we’re prone to dope addiction,
we do horoscope accords
and we love to work with words.


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