March 13, 2020
Photo by Bobbie Bowman

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Suddenly this day
I realized I am not alone in this world
As I sit in a lovely restaurant
Feeling lonely with all of my family far away.
I have things to celebrate
But no-one close to me is really
Close to me.
As I pick up a luscious strawberry to taste
I wonder, “who picked this berry?
From what sunny field was it plucked?
Whose hand pushed aside the green leaves
Hiding it from view?  Did they mean it for me,
Or was it just one more berry to fill one more basket
Ending one more day at menial back-breaking job
They didn’t like?”
My hand reaches for a cleverly folded napkin.
My mind wonders, “Who folded this so cleverly?
Who made a simple piece of cloth into the shape of a swan?”

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