March 15, 2019
Photo by Francis De Nicola

In Memoriam: Mary Oliver 1935 – 2019
A Poem by Eileen Kennedy

I think I walked with you
to this black water
in soft slippers of sand
knowing we were nearing
precious water that held the
sky, stars, moon and sun,
and the open face of a poet
who understood the grief and
ecstasy of being human.
I like to think of us all there
tonight, on the sloping shore,
laughing up into the blackness 
above Blackwater
Watching Mary Oliver dancing
her way, perhaps a salsa, over
the moon,
All of us holding hands 
wanting to stay there forever
melting into the molecules that
are the grasses, the sea, and
every wet spring, first flower
and last leaf to fall. 
Good night, Mary Oliver.
Good night, Beloved Poet
You are going to be with 
all the poets who held
you as a little girl, and who
will herald your entrance to
Paradise, even more Heavenly
than the Earth 
     you so loved.


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