May 17, 2019
Photo by Justin Freed

A Poem by Jack Wells-Benson

Peace is hugs…not guns
Peace is the sparkle of candles on your birthday cake… not the 
spark of explosive weapons
Peace is the aroma of a Sunday dinner… not the smell of toxic fumes
Peace is the soft touch of soap on your body…not rough mud
or dirt smothered over you
Peace is the sound of nature and the birds chirping…not the whistling noise
overhead or the “bang” “bang”
Peace is the laughter of friends…not the cry for help
Peace is the trickle of rain down your face…not blood
Peace is running in the forest…not running for cover
Peace is walking freely on the beach…not wondering where to step
Peace is blankets on top of you…not bandages wrapping you
Peace is looking past skin color, religion, gender…not judging people because of how they look or what they believe
Peace is understanding we have one earth to love and to share…
Peace is.


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