May 22, 2020
Photo by Susan Peskin

The World is Flat
A Poem by Marylou Mansfield

Peering the possibilities,
corners, intimacies of
the world,
captured in stillness of shadows
haunting my sunrises,
clouding my sunsets,
I weep inside 
with no sound, 
no tears.
There are no dimensions
to admire,
no colors,
no fragrances.
I search flat horizons,
watching for disappearances
of my favorite things.  
I wait in earnest
for the earth to orb,
revolve into day and night,
causing greens to return to trees,
reds, to sight the sun low in the sky,
blues, to churn the sea. 
Then I will know
my world has returned
and my tears will be real 
in celebration.

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