November 1, 2019
Photo by Chris Hottle

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

This is a town that has always  gone
All Out.
In the 1850’s one wharf was built.
Observation proved it to be
A great idea.
So 57 more were built in the next two years
And proved to be successful
This town has always been creative,
Always forgiving of past sins.
Always adventurous enough to welcome
Difference and those who project that.
It has swallowed immigrants and tourists,
People who spoke English and those who didn’t.
Those who love nature and the beaches
And those who never leave the bars and stores.
From this has come a series of fame.
First we were a fishing town.
Then an immigration town starting with
The Portuguese and finally encompassing the world.
Then as an Artists town, and turned out there were
Many forms of Art, all thriving here
Where acceptance is a way of life.
Small in size, big in heart, willing to expand
To welcome in a world of summer visitors
It still belongs to some who welcome every-one
But hide the sense that it is still
“Our Town.”




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