September 25, 2020
Photo by Suzann Heron

Tracks in the Afternoon
A Poem by Marylou Mansfield

Warmth of pure sunny day
reigned royal over the bay.
Trail was soft, dry
from the sun’s direction,
extending an afternoon
into early evening.

Tracks indented,
gave no clues.
What was I following?
I did not need to know.
I did not care.
I was shadowing
my way to the bay.

Once there,
on the beach,
I found peace.
I followed
nothing of consequence,
and found
everything I needed;
heart stones,
virgin sand bars,
cushioning tide line,
invigorated salted air.

I am here.
I am home.
I am blessed,
beyond measure,
beyond worth,
beyond expectation.

I shall follow
the path
and again
and again,
and find the same.                                               

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