June 1, 2018
Photo by Jason Brown

A Poem by Mark S. Peel

There are those that start each journey
and those that stop the winds,
those that cloud the memory
and those where refuge begins.
Yet something tells the mind
to enter or regret that you never tried.
It may be that every door is just a guide.

There are some that hold the faithful
and some that encourage sin,
some that deny the future
and some that show where you’ve been.
Still something tells the mind
to beware: when one is closed, the truth is apt to die,
and when opened, one may also free a lie.

There is one that harbors glory
and one that makes love from hate,
one that rules the passage
and one they call “The Gate.”
But something should tell the mind –
persevere – for there’s always hope if you join the dance
and sometimes, sometimes, all that’s needed is a chance.

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