June 22, 2018
Photo by Melanie Black

She’s Not Done with Me
A Poem by Time Bosworth

Once in a September season
Once upon a midnight reason
I found myself, rather odd
Living life on Cape Cod.

Thrown from my comfy fold
Of to have and to hold
Of in sickness and in death
Until breathe our last breath

Once all seemed to rhyme
Morning came right on time
And evening arrived too,
Coming in on sky’s deep blue.

But as much as I used to aver
That I am done with her
Now I see
That she’s not done with me.

Other things in my past
And friends who may have passed
I’m not over them yet either
Nor over old jobs, nor accidents neither.

I think about this revelation
I came to on vacation
I now think it’s intended.
To keep my memories befriended.

I’m not sure really
What to do about it
The first thing I guess
Is not to stew about it.

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