June 29, 2018
Photo by Bruno

Over in the Corner
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

Over in the corner a piece of history reposes –
neighborhood history, family artifact.
Most homes have them,
remnants of lives lived and concluded:
Grandma’s jewelry box, now empty bric-a-brac
or the mahogany table holding framed family portraits;
the ceramic clock, a wedding gift from a well-to-do friend
whose name is long forgotten;
Grandpa’s antique rifle or pocket watch
hanging smartly in a glass box case.
The corner beholds great memories,
faint and diminishing with time,
stories of confused connections, of mysteries
imagined and embellished from too many tellings,
bits and pieces of family lore,
the threads of daily living
and purposeful events bequeathed
to the young for safekeeping and proper display.
Newer generations are the guardians of each family’s antiquities.
Attrition will take much through the decades –
that which remains is meant to remain.
What once held specific significance magnifies
in time to an appreciation governed
simply by the laws of odds.

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