Provincetown March 17, 2017
March 17, 2017

Love and Water
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Do you remember me?
I am your ocean.
Love, when you have been gone for a long time
I wonder if you remember me.
I am the solidarity of your life,
Always there, always waiting. Always true.
But like the ocean I have many moods.
You have not known my depths, my variations.
I am so like the water that surrounds us.
There are days when it so softly laps the sand,
Lies smiling at the beach and sparkles with light laughter.
Some days it rushes in, tossing its waves, enjoying making froth
Until there is a sea of white caps.
There are days when it glories in its strength,
Joining with the wind to whip up a fury. It roars,
It pounds, it shouts. Higher it pours its waves,
Shouting a message to a world that will not listen,
So it must give that land a message about strength.
Like me, the ocean has so many secrets.
Mankind still seeks to know the mysteries.
We search and cherish, use, abuse,
Always in awe, always in love with all the aspects
Of the largest things on earth —
Love and water – both of which can heal and kill.