Provincetown March 31
March 31, 2017
Photo by Jim Palmer

Remembrance Day before April
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Before a housing development
Surrounded our country home
The day before April I used to take my 4 little kids
On a walk through the woods.
I would recite to them
Mary Carolyn Davies poem
“The day before April.”
“Alone alone, I sat on a broad stone and sang to the birds,
The tune was god’s making,
But I made the words.”
Now they are grown, I asked if they remembered.
They did not.
But oh, I think they do.
Two of them are musicians.
I hear that rhythm in their beats.
I hear the melody as they each hum their way
Through daily chores.
I see their appreciation of each turn toward spring
As they bend down to touch a new sprung grass.
Or as they write the melodies of their lives,
Walking through the maze of days life gives us,
And finding ways to express their own.