May 12
May 12, 2017
Photo by Bobby Ogata of Team Zissou

A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

I do not understand this world at all.
I have lived here longer than most,
A quiet person mostly, watching,
I have seen sunsets that set your heart on fire
Along with the sky, and days that ended with a whimper.
I have watched the cracking of an egg,
Broken from within by a tiny beak ,
And felt the pressure of a human life bound into breathe.
I see the beauty that surrounds us, the calmness
And the strength.
Today the water invites us in to swim
Tomorrow it will tear apart the shore.
The hand that bakes the bread also wields the whip.
Lips that frame the sweetest song can send a curse.
The smallest cloud can hide a blazing sun.
We all are so alike in laughter and in fear.
Our trembling legs and clapping hands come to us
Yet each of us believes we are unique.
No-one is quite like us. Like snowflakes we descend
Upon this world to make a momentary difference.
Sometimes we give a gift of beauty, sometimes trouble.
Yet we alone have been given the gift of words
To share
If we could only understand.