October 19, 2018
Photo by Melanie Black

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

I do remember happiness.
I remember when they placed my new-born son
Into my waiting arms.
I remember looking into those dark eyes, and thinking –
He looks like my husband.
But now the thought turns my head into the pillow
Again and I let tears wash away the memory.
I remember starting on this trip full of hope.
We had lost the comfort of home.
Our country was not ours and we needed hope.
We needed a better place to help our son
To grow into the man we wished to have. We needed
Freedom for ourselves to be the kind of people the world needs.
So we set forth with highest hopes.
The trip was harder than we had expected,
But the result was worth the trials.
So we brought out strength we did not know we had
And here we are,
At last in the desire that had brought us on this road.
Only to find it was just a dream.
Changes have come, and the welcoming
Lady Liberty turned her back on us.
She did not want us here, did not look into the sparkling eyes
Of my son.
Or mine, filled with tears as well.
Our dream lies smashed upon the feet of lady liberty.
My husband has been sent back to a home
That does not exist, my son sleeps far from me
And I alone, clinging to my ragged dream
Must fight my way to my own son.

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