July 7 Provincetown
July 7, 2017
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

How is it I have such trust in a tiny white morsel?
Every morning I hold it in my hand.
I gaze at it with respect, swallow it joyfully.
Small as a raindrop, it holds my life in thrall.
I could step on it, crush it,
Drop it down the drain
And no one would ever know.
It’s purpose in being is left to me.
I can help it achieve the reason
For its being, the dream of the chemist
Who made up the magic mix.
I can help enrich the pharmaceutical company
Which sends out his ilk by the thousand.
But I cherish this one.
The one pill I take today that guards my life,
That gives me strength to live.
I have no knowledge of what hides in it,
Or how it cures my ills.
One swallow, and my day begins
In gratitude.