2019 Provincetown Public Library Annual Appeal


December 4, 2019

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Lovers of Provincetown,

            This is the time of year when those who can spare the funds decide which charitable organizations to support. Many of you have given to the Provincetown Public Library in the past, and we thank you. Let us tell you why we hope you will all give generously to the Library again this year.

             In 2019, our unique library came to national attention twice; in August, tourism and travel publication Lonely Planet called it one of “the most amazing libraries in the United States to visit;” and in September an article in The New York Times listed it as one of the top five attractions of Provincetown. Thousands of visitors entered our doors to see the iconic Rose Dorothea, give their children respite in our play area, use our improved WiFi, and attend our programs, including our signature events, the Moby Dick Marathon and the Provincetown Book Festival.

            The Provincetown Public Library opens its doors daily, for a total of 52 hours per week year-round, although the state of Massachusetts mandates that we only need to operate for 15 hours a week. Our welcoming staff greet and serve visitors to Provincetown, part-time residents and year-rounders alike. Within our walls you can find books to read, DVDs to entertain, stimulating lectures, discussions to inspire, places to work quietly, and so much more. Our virtual offerings and outreach expand service beyond our building and open hours.  

            This year, our staff added a number of exciting new offerings for our community: DVD Binge Boxes, curated collections of DVDs based on a common theme; and the Crop Swap, which, in partnership with Provincetown’s Health Department and SKIP, brings free, fresh produce to the community. We are also in the midst of a strategic planning process that, with the input we have been collecting from a wide variety of stakeholders, will guide us in a meaningful expansion of our services over the next five years.

            All of this would not have been possible in the small space the Library occupied prior to 2006, when in a bold move the town committed to a library worthy of the special place that is Provincetown. But this move came with a price, and the library still bears costs associated with financing our building acquisition and renovation. These financial obligations have been satisfied to a substantial degree, but the remaining amounts due still holds the Library back from undertaking even more innovative offerings to serve our community.

            As we ready for 2020, a historic year for Provincetown, we hope to get closer to becoming free from our remaining debt. If you cherish the Library for your personal use or as a town institution, we hope you’ll dig a little deeper as you consider your charitable giving. We pledge to honor your gift by continuing to bring you a library that is a vibrant hub of activity and learning for the Provincetown community. 

            Wishing you and yours all the best in the coming year!

Steve Desroches (Chair), Stephen Borkowski, Barbara Klipper, Joan Prugh, Paul Richardson

Board of Library Trustees