Everyone knows that every month is LGBT pride month in Provincetown, but it’s good to be reminded in June to take a fresh look at LGBT history and literature. Here are some of the great new gay reads in the Library this month.

Jam on the Vine , by LaShonda Katrice Barnett
This book isn’t new, but it’s new to me – and what a discovery! This is the story of African American journalist Ivoe Williams and her lover Ona, who start a black newspaper in Kansas City in 1918.

After Silence: A History of AIDS through its Images, by Avram Finkelstein
In the 1980s AIDS epidemic, Finkelstein was one of six gay activists who collaborated to create a number of iconic images, most famously the pink triangle with the words “Silence = Death.” Through the lens of art, Finkelstein evokes the complicated politics of ACT UP, and the AIDS era in all its beauty and terror.

Harvey Milk: His Lives and Death , by Lilian Faderman
Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in the U.S., was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977. He was assassinated in 1978. This new biography shows how his Jewish identity as well as his sexuality made him a double outsider who empathized with the disenfranchised.

Queer Magic: Lgbt+ Spirituality and Culture from Around the World , by Tomas Prower
With contributions from contemporary LGBT+ Pagans, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and others who share personal experiences as well as spells, prayers, and meditations, this is a unique resource for LGBT+ spiritual seekers.

My Ex-Life , by Stephen McCauley/span>
David, a professional college-prep coach, has lost his boyfriend and his apartment; in fact, his life is falling apart. So when his ex-wife asks for help with her daughter’s college plans, he ends up back under the same roof — and they’re still driving each other crazy in ways that only exes can.

Stray City , by Chelsey Johnson
Twenty-three-year-old Andrea escapes her Midwestern Catholic childhood to create a life for herself in the lesbian underground of Portland, Oregon. But after one drunken hookup with a man, Andrea discovers she’s pregnant—and she decides to have the baby.