April 24, 2020
Photo by Karen Elliot

A Poem by Kate Wallace Rogers

Generations of Rosa Ragosa erupt,
petals open like questions 
hips swollen fire, 
defy wind, raw like desire. 
Ocean blasts lash 
rattle windows—
nothing but waves break.
The temptation of poison 
ivy, that red I want to roll in, 
leaves, like shadows,
know the underside, velvet 
snapdragons climb a skyline 
falling perfect wedding blue.
Wild roses warp below the bluster,
muscle in among the grass and roots.
Here still, in the wilt of afternoon 
waves collapsing drench on drench
erode the thorny pull of this 
my outermost reach.
Do they know all I want?
to touch something like that dark 
between the tender blades.

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