August 16, 2019
Photo by Mary Alice Wells

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Indeed, I feel it coming.
It slips in with each dawn,
Lingers through the nights,
Puts clinging fingers round my psyche.
Today I am a day older than yesterday.
In a few years I will be a century old,
But still, as my son tells me,
There is a 16 year old girl nestled in me,
Still fighting to get out and live awhile.
How did this happen?
From the first breathe I started to get older.
Early I relished it,
Couldn’t wait to grow up,
Get older, be my own boss,
Make decisions.
Now I sometimes wish someone else
Would guide me, make those choices.
Now the world seems filled with danger,
Decisions take us down an unknown path
To places we do not understand.
But there are days still filled with beauty.
A rainy day brings to our island home a surge
Of ocean which forms mountains of waves,
Curling and bending as they push
Against our waiting sand.
Waiting as pliant as our lives
Wait for another day.


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