December 11, 2020
Photo by Clayton Nottleman

Adjusting to the Light
A Poem by Tim Bosworth

I like to watch movies, 
That I’ve never seen nor heard of before.
I saw one today, in it was read
A poem about the dark.
About adjusting your eyes to it.
And what you see after you adjust them.
Your eyes can operate as they might.
The dark has become the new light.
I like to quarantine myself now, I 
I didn’t always like it, hated it in fact, but 
With my writing, and Zoom, and my TV, 
I accept it all gratefully. My
Life seems no longer quite so empty 
Fine, in fact, and I go out plenty. 
On Mondays to shop for food, on every other Wednesday to play chamber music.
And lots of other times, like 
When the weather’s good, down to Provincetown.
So, now I can see in the dark,
But what will my eyes see when the light comes back?

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