January 11, 2019
Photo by Sandra Delzotti

Will you shine
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Sun, when will you shine again for me?
Your shadow, Moon, has done us in,
Leading along a moon-lit path
Until we lost our way.
Now you leave us lost among the trees
Far from the sand and shore
That brought me up from sorrows depths.
I long for your bright rays to light my way.
In far away days, my mother lifted me to you
To heal my sores, to make me smile.
I played under your smile for many days,
Turning my pale skin to a glorious brown.
But now it seems you hide behind the clouds.
Is it because my eyes are filled with tears
I do not see you peeking out?
Why is it that the coldness of their hearts has left us
Chilled, and you have ceased to warm me?>
Sun, watch this world where anguish reigns,
So many hearts are broken and only the angry
Seem to thrive.
Shine on us, warm us to our core.
Send down some rays of love, of peace.
If clouds must hover near, let them hold
More than dreams and rain down comfort.
Sun, let us reflect back your warmth of love
That we all need so much.
Sun, will you shine again for all of us?

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