July 24, 2020
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Here comes the day. 
The dark sky is moving over.  Light is moving in, 
My brain stirs too. 
I feel you, life, even though I do now know my destiny. 
I feel a push, a thrust, a drag of my reluctant self
That would prefer to linger long in bed. 
Those slanting rays that push themselves into a sky
That ruled our moods, indeed the world itself, 
A few moments ago.  Now the timid rays are making change. 
The heavy purple grey moves back
From fronds of palest yellow
Just before I see a band of pink. 
How does it dare?  That timid band of pink
Against a sky so big, so foreboding?
Yet even as I watch, a hand reaches down and stirs the sky
Making the horizon an orange glow
Imaginary trees and mountains loom against the clouds 
Who without protest give their places up, 
Again pink makes its move. And now a band of rose
Cleaves into muddy sky, spreading like wings across the wind, 
The world becomes a joyous place. 
Surrounded by beauty, 
Embraced by an all-forgiving sky that drops its warmth on us
It’s sleeping, unworthy citizens who do not know
Their future is written in the sky. 

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