July 5, 2019
Photo by Susan Peskin

Our Flag
A Poem by Jim Cornell

The flag stands limply on
Its metal rod as the
Breeze has stopped
It will fly freely soon
As the wind is rarely
Quiescent for long on this
High bluff guarding the shore
My father and uncles
Fought fiercely for this cloth
And what it represents
So it flies on our porch
Because of that
When we are home.
This sigil is now looked
Down upon around the world
Today, as our nation
Has lost its bearings
And seems to be drifting
Away from what it has stood for,
For over two and a quarter centuries
Freedom of speech
Freedom of person and choice
Freedom to seek sanctuary
From persecution and not to
Fear if the ICE man cometh
Freedom to pursue dreams of
Or a better life in a strange land
Caring and compassion for
Those with limited means and resources
Health care not only for the rich
But for every child, man, or
Woman that is within our borders
Tolerance of the diversity that makes
Us all Americans
This flag will fly freely soon
As the winds of righteousness
Are rising up—ALL RISE


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