March 12, 2021
Photo by Melanie Black

New Day
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

I saw the day begin.
Not such a great night
A lot of aches and pains made life a painful thing
But as I watched the clock
It turned from night to AM.
It told me —
Yes, I am.
So are you. And neither of us
Knows what that means.
What will today be?
A bearer of rare gifts–
Like smiles of happiness in the faces
Of those we love.
A ray of sunshine slipping into a dark day?
Will conquering that lingering fear be enough?
Or do we need to seek a deeper source?
The balance of our lives lies in the moves we make each day. 
The day lies whole and innocent
Before us. A script that only we can write,
So with the morning sun
We have to light our own day
Spending these precious moments as we choose
To make the morning’s promises come true. 

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