March 20, 2020
Photo by Suzann Heron

A poem by Suzann Heron

I go to bed in anticipation 
Each night it’s the same
As the hours of sleep go by
Something inside is cheerfully waiting
Waiting to see what spectacular offering the sky will bring as the sun rises 
In the early hours of the morning
Long before the happening,
I begin the usual spring up 
from my bed 
In order to make sure I have not missed it
I feel relieved when the sky is still dark
The curtain not yet risen on the event
At this time 
No matter what
I linger between sleep and my joyous anticipation 
And it always happens 
Like some sort of magic
The sky changes
the thin line of morning color appears
The dramatic orange and red
The lulling pink and purple
Or The veil of clouds offering a subtle and more textured color 
Lingering for what sometimes seems like forever
And I cannot turn my eyes away or even blink because I will miss the show I’ve been waiting for
out of that line of growing color
On time
and in all it’s glory
The sun rises
The sun rises 
Like it does each and every day 
a new sun rise
Never seen before
And never like this one again
In this one moment 
in time
Every day 

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