May 24, 2019
Photo by Amy Raff

I Walk This Path Alone Each Day
A Poem by Jim Cornell

I walk this path alone each day
Its twists and turns the same yet changed
Two forks are set before me on this path
I take the left one every time
Not because of politics nor to make a
Clockwise circumnavigation,
It’s just the way it is.
My thoughts range wide
Influenced partly by the weather
In the morning often I think of my lover
Still sleeping in our bed
Face graced by the innocence of sleep
I kissed her cheek gently, tenderly before I left
The outward left arm brings
Me closest to the dune face
I watch the seals playing in the surf
And sometimes pods of humpbacks
In the distance ‘thar she blows’
The turnagain homeward bound left tine
Brings me down near the scrub oak and pine
Here the rabbits and the voles play
The goldfinch dance swiftly tree to tree
The titmouse and the wrens jump
From branch to branch
The cardinals “Birdie! Birdie! Birdie!”
Call echoes thru the glen
I walk this path alone each day
In September of 2001
I walked the first part of the path
Then stumbled and sat as
Tears came streaming down my face
As I thought of the humanity lost
Just days before—who recognized then
That the world and country we knew
Had been forever shifted on their axis

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