November 29, 2019
Photo by Krasmira Banova

Giving Thanks
A Poem 
by Hilde Oleson

One day of thanks?
One day when every day is crowded with gifts?
I have a loved one who wishes me surprises
Every day.
So surely they come.
His joyful wishes make me watchful.
I wait, looking around the corners of my life
For the next surprise.
It may be small, and if I had not been watching
I would have missed it.
Sometimes it would have had no meaning
If I had seen it long ago
But now I have learned the lesson of appreciation.
The reflection of the sunset in my neighbor’s window.
The sliver of sun that slid in through the clouds.
The sound of a tune that brings back memories.
One last bloom of a rose before the snow
Brings a new beauty to the land.
The grouchy neighbor who smiles today.
A life of safety, a home and bed for every night.
But most of all, the ability to love intensely
And learn how love, once a surprise, becomes the basis for a life.

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