October 23, 2020
Photo by Krasimira Banova

Sunset at Mayflower Beach
A Poem by Neil Silberblatt

The burst of applause at the end –
like an ovation after love making –
threw me.
It was not as though he was seeking any, though
he richly deserved it.
Like Archie Rice at the end of The Entertainer,
this ancient star would have put on the same show
for an audience of one
or none.
So, hold the applause.
But, a standing ovation was deserved
for the one who watched this sunset with me
who joined me at this show
despite the dismal forecasts.
So, once I regain my footing,
I will clasp my hands
and yours
in the fervent hope of encores
and, with any luck, a sunrise.

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