April 28 Library
April 28, 2017
Photo by Bobby Ogata

White Waves
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

White waves upon the water,
Yesterday the ocean pushed small waves upon the sand
So inviting.
I put my feet into the water
And withdrew them fast.
It is still April and although the tulips bloom
The cold has lingered in the water.
As I pulled back I heard the ocean laugh.
That laughter followed me as I trekked home.
Nature has its own agenda.
It does not watch a calendar or listen
To the weather man.
The soft green moss has made its path inviting too
But it does not mean the cold is gone.
The trees begin to bud and fruit will blossom as it wills.
We can stand near the blueberry bush
Encouraging it with words,
While it smiles sweetly and takes it’s time
To bring it’s berries to our mouths.
The ocean has it’s own strong will
When waves may lap upon the shore or roar
With white froth pounding on our rocks.
In years another human will bend down
To pick up a pebble from this shore,
Admire it and wonder from where it came.
The ocean, having done its work, may withdraw
To have it’s laugh in secret.