Provincetown April 7
April 7, 2017
Photo by Jim Palmer

Water Matters
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

What did the ocean have to say
Four billion years ago when there was no one to listen to it?
Did it still murmur softly as the tide ebbed out,
Or roar in agony as wind whipped it all night?
Did it then, as now, have a message not discernible?
Why does the sound of one drop of water
Dripped from a fountain turn from comfort into torture?
Because like the ocean itself, we are mostly water
We have a symbiotic relationship.
There is no comfort like the melody of softly lapping waves,
Nor any challenge like the teasing of wild surf.
There is no beauty greater than the changing colors
As the depth reflects the sun, or sparkles in the moonlight.
We have so little knowledge of the early days
Of our own planet, but we do know
The ocean spoke. It was here long before us,
Has always guided us, showed us the fertile place to live,
The best of transportation, the calmest place to rest.
It still whispers its secrets, advises us and waits
For us to understand.