August 17, 2018
Photo by Sue Clark

A Poem by Hilde Oleson

As far as the eye can see all is blue.
The sky above, the sea below
Stretching from right to left.
The land where we are sitting just a perch
From which we can see the true blue
Of our world.
Against the horizon we can see one sail,
One gull sets out against the massive sky.
I glance down at my garb.
It too is blue.
I realize that I too am blue.
A term we use when we are sad,
And in this world, surrounded by azure skies
With turquoise seas, we too are blue.
We have produced a world at odds with nature’s plan
Perhaps that is the reason
That it seems to have turned against us,
Wreaking havoc everywhere.
We are swallowed by angry seas,
Blown apart by hurtling winds.
Tortured by hurtful words hurled by thoughtlessness.

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