December 1, 2017
Photo by Zygmunt Plater

Pink Sky
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

I wake to a sky of pink,  I think I am looking for Blue. 
It is blue skies that bring us joy. 
Blue skies mean summer, and ease, 
And days of pleasure and beaches and swimming.
But what does pink omen mean to me?
Is it change, which I dread?
Is it storms, which I fear?
Is it rain which we need but don’t want?
My life is filled with mysterious signs.
Remnants from moments gone by, 
Hopes for the future to be like the past, 
Filled with the same kind of pleasure.
But the sun has the power
As it creeps past the tower
To change our minds and our hopes.
The pink fades away.
As it dissipates, birds flutter by
In crowds greeting the day and I see the coloring
Is melding until it encompasses us
And we know all is change,
All is good, surprising us that
All is good.

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