December 22, 2017
Photo by Justin Freed

Just Once a Year
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Here it comes again
That day of magic, dreams fulfilled, 
Lights, music, commercialism extraordinary 
Children wishing, parents wanting. 
Everyone wants.
Some of us want what we cannot have, 
Others want to make the dreams come true. 
It is a time of magic. 
Some of us hate snow and all the problems 
That it brings
But Christmas eve we welcome it. 
Even those of us long grown
Lie listening for sleigh bells, half
Wishing for the sound of hoof steps on the roof.
Memories of childhoods past, 
Hanging stockings, plates of cookies for Santa, 
A carrot for the reindeer. 
All sweet memories of family and love. 
But in these times of questioning, of war
Instead of peace, the Christmas tableau of the baby
in the manger seems to be the smallest part. 
We wonder why the wise men came and left. 
We are still waiting 
To hear the angels singing.

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