December 29, 2017
Photo by Lorraine DeProspo

When Old Men Cry
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

It could be the past loves lost revisited through memory
or old unsettled debts no longer payable
or opportunities offered by sheer chance, lost and long regretted.
It could be about departed friends who shared youthful adventures
or maybe an unintended glance to a basement corner shelf
that notes a well-worn baseball glove
unused for more decades than it was used.
It may be an unfocused stare at a faded photograph
or a wish that reoccurs year after year
but is still unfulfilled as the years wind down.
It may be when a fleeting second thought surrenders to regret.
It might be a misspoken curse that, if memory serves, harmed a soul unjustly
or an abiding will but no forthcoming way
or maybe neglected relations, outlived old friends or family
recalled in a different light.
It may be the lyrics that lose their meaning
or a shuddering remembrance of near forgotten faces
or the anticipation of more sad than happy events to come.
It may be simply the thought of how much time you’ve got.
It may be easier if you don’t look back, but then, it may not.

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