Provincetown Library December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016
Image by Rowan Wielblad

New Day

A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

It is still dark
And I am huddled in my bed.
Long torn apart from restless dreams.
The sky is drawing light,
Moment by moment it pulls in shades of grey
And lets hope in, one silken ray at a time.
Reluctantly, I rise to watch out of my window.
Most fortunate of women, I have a view out toward
The hovering sea.
As light begins to force its timid way into the sky
I shiver at the shore, waiting.
Beyond belief, in comes another day.
Shimmering with hope, bright darts of golden promises
Slicing their way into the clouds. Hope conquering all. It is a new and better day.
It must be better, for we need an answer to our prayers,
A thread of hope coming down through pastel dawns
Into the brilliant light of day.
Every night we leave concerns and travel to a resting place,
with dreams held safe in hidden places of our hearts,
Ready to be brought into the light of day when time is right.
Perhaps today will be that day.