December 8, 2017
Photo by Lorraine DeProspo

A Good Day
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

Saturday afternoon time for solitude
and calming reflection
of rest and gratitude
as the oak, hardwood floors
now dry from the wet mopping
just completed
Jesus, wisps of Missy’s hair appear everywhere
so immediately after the vacuum has visited
a hearty rum and Coke in hand
the prize for concluding a week
a clean house, spent effort for a worthy cause
the mind wanders
in assuring satisfaction and relief
Monday will come all too soon
enough but let it wait
leisure hours remain
to be enjoyed not quite in stupor
but threateningly close
the peace afforded by toil completed
provides the rest justified
and determined until the routine
must again be undertaken,
endeavor pursued the rum and Coke postponed
the cycle demanding deferred self-celebration

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