Provincetown Photo February 10
February 10, 2017
Image by Paul Murphy

Valentine’s Day
A New Poem by Hilde Oleson

Will you be my Valentine?

In these strange times we all need valentines.
We need a place to put our hearts.
Perhaps we need to split these fearful hearts
Into a million slivers
And send a piece to everyone we can.
The neighbor that we hardly know, the man behind the counter.
And those we see on the TV.
The ones we fear the most. It may be that
They need more love to conquer all the fear
That must have built their hate.
Closer to us there are others who worry,
Prices go up and jobs are scarce.
People who live from day to day.
While we admire the winter sunsets
They huddle under shelter, fretting about the next meal.
And there are children who have lost everything.
One bomb can take your house, your parent and all
You ever knew. While we, who never knew that pain,
Can only send out love.
It is a time for us to think, to send messages of love to others,
Perhaps to work, to try to find a way to be of real help.
But maybe it can start with just a little gift of love
That tells us we are valued.
I think my heart is large, and love is huge
And so I ask
Will you be my Valentine?