February 16, 2018
Photo by Brittany Taylor

Some Sorrow
A Poem by Hilde Oleson

Alone I sit upon a beach.
I feel alone in my whole universe.
There is no one else anywhere, no sound, no movement.
My anguish and my torrents,
Have swallowed up my world
And I am left alone.
I cannot hear the ocean speak,
The breezes make no sound.
Even the sun seems pale, its warmth unfelt
Upon my chilly soul.
For I am feeling bereft.
The plans I made have been rejected by the world
That moved another way
Leaving me the only one caught in the web of my desire.
I close my eyes, leaning back against the pillow of sand
And find that I am not truly alone.
There are a zillion grains of sand
Nestled against each other.
They lie in closest company as if they were but one
Forming a barrier against the water that would puch
To move them.
Together they are formidable, when alone they are minute.
I glance at one small grain that clings to my hand.
Once it was larger, stood alone.
I wonder if it once was sad, felt isolated and deserted?
My mind begins to stir, reach out.
I wonder if we all are useless on our own.
Is it a need for us to have a place to gather?
Is it companionship that makes us strong?
I watch as clouds too seem to gather.
The wispy drifts appear to gain
As they come together. So I arise and think at last
I might as well go back and join the ones who thought that
They were right and I was wrong.

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