February 2, 2018
Photo by Stephen Borkowski

It’s About Time
A Poem by Mark S. Peel

It’s time that tells us
who we are, how we are,
and, when necessary, who we should be.
It is time that can define a distance from afar.
Time tells us what’s missed when youth turns to aged,
when summer turns to fall, when opportunities turn to regrets.
Time can tell an old love to behave as a young love.
It’s always time to say “I love you”
and never time truly to say “goodbye.”
Full or part-time is the work we do.
We keep a beat at quarter-time, sometimes, and pause the game at half-time.
Time is often the difference between hope and despair,
and just as often, whether or not you ever get there.
A lifetime is many years for us but for a cat, it’s the number nine.
It’s time that convinces the child of the value of parents,
and parents, how short a childhood is.
Time is usually missed
only after too much has gone by.
Time after time, the heartbeat of time repeats itself in syncopated time.
And it’s time that tells us, finally, it’s time.

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